4 Easy, Fun Self-Care Gift Basket Ideas

We could all use a little more self-care in our lives. The single most important relationship we have in this life is with ourselves. It is the only relationship we have for our entire lives, after all. 

Caring for yourself is an integral part of the day, and there are small things that we can all do to stop and smell the roses. This could be literally stopping and smelling the roses, if flowers make you feel centered and appreciated. If this is the case for you, perhaps get yourself an impromptu bouquet the next time a flower arrangement speaks to you.

While it is absolutely crucial to care for yourself in small ways, there’s also something magical about a pre-planned gesture that takes a bit more time to orchestrate. That does not in any way mean that they are difficult to pull off, just that they may take a bit more forethought. 

Organizing a thoughtful combination of items and experiences to make yourself feel valued is a luxurious expression of self-love and self-care. Not only do you get the joy of using what you had prepared, but you also experience the wonders of really getting to know yourself and determining what you are passionate about. Knowing how you best unwind and enjoy your time is a skill that too often goes forgotten about, and that is a shame.

One of the absolute best ways to comprise all of these self-care items is in the form of a lovely self-care gift basket. While the wonders of self-care are, of course, often directed inward to focus on your own spirit, it can be deeply meaningful to others to put the same thought and care into a basket for them. Showing someone that you know them so well as to be able to determine what would calm them the most is a beautiful sentiment.

Clearly, there are a variety of reasons that a self-care gift basket can be delightfully beneficial to both you and others, but what are some of the best self-care kit ideas out there?

1. A Beauty Basket

A beauty basket can encompass so many items and experiences because everyone feels beautiful in different ways. Think about what really makes you feel your most gorgeous and elegant, and then put it in a basket. 

For some, this could be a new lengthening mascara or the illuminating highlighter that you’ve had your eye on. For others, feeling gorgeous could be all about bringing out your inner beauty.

Just because this self-care kit is coming in a basket, that does not mean the items and benefits have to be in the basket alone. For example, an IOU or promise to yourself to get a treatment done can also be incredibly meaningful and rewarding. Whether this comes in the form of a gift card or a pact with yourself, this is a wonderful part of any self-care kit.

Beauty can emerge in many ways, but BlinkBar knows that if you feel beautiful, you are beautiful. So this kind of self-care gift is dependent on finding what makes you feel beautiful. 

Whenever I’m in need of a beauty pick-me-up to remind myself I deserve to indulge in the finer things, I get a treatment done. I especially enjoy getting a lash lift or lash extensions. I find that nothing can make me feel effortlessly elevated quite as fast as taking my lashes to the next level.

Not only do these treatments leave you looking beyond stunning for weeks after they are done, but the whole process makes you feel like you are worthy of being treated like royalty (which you are). You just close your eyes, relax, and then leave with the lashes of your dreams. For me, there is no better way to care for myself.

2. A Spa Gift Basket

While a spa gift basket can seem similar to a beauty basket, there are a few key distinctions. 

A spa kit will likely be entirely focused on your own comfort and pampering. While beauty kits also encompass that ideal, there is something magical about closing your eyes as a delightful smelling mask settles on your skin. You’ll know you are doing something equally nourishing for your spirit and your face.

This can take the form of an at-home spa kit or, again, a gift card or IOU for a spa somewhere else. It simply depends on what is the most meaningful to you or the gift basket recipient. 

For an at-home spa kit, really set the mood with some calming essential oils. One of the most grounding and centering essential oils available is lavender. Lavender has been found to improve mental health by decreasing stress and anxiety, and it can help lull people into a deep and peaceful sleep. 

In order to best reap the many benefits of exposing yourself to lavender, consider an oil diffuser. Not only do oil diffusers help to fill a space with exactly the right amount of delightful scent, but they can also function as humidifiers in the colder months.

Once you have your favorite oil of choice in the diffuser and it is whirring away working to dispense it, apply a calming and beneficial face mask or serum and allow it to settle in. Then, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and relax.

3. A Kit Containing All Things Soft and Comfortable

After you are done with your self-pampering, it’s time to wrap yourself up in something warm and cozy. Luckily, this is when you turn to your self-care kit that’s entirely focused on the softest, most comfortable amenities that life has to offer. 

Whether it is an incredibly luxurious robe that you easily slip into after the world’s most calming bubble bath or sliding under an endlessly fuzzy blanket at the end of a hard day, soft things just make us feel better.

To take this tranquility to the next level, consider a weighted blanket. Personally, I cannot get enough of mine. Not only do I feel so much calmer when I am under it, but I also noticed it makes my dreams much more vivid. 

Then, when you wake up from your wonderful and restful slumber, you can step out of bed into the memory foam slippers you got yourself because you deserve nice things that ground you—or at least that’s definitely what I do.

4. A Basket Focused on Mental Care

Self-care is all about finding a balance between physical and mental health and settling into a routine where both are always looked after. In order to do this, a self-care basket for mental health might be just the thing. 

Like all other baskets, what you put into this kit will depend on who it is for and what makes them feel the most at peace. Generally speaking, though, a beautiful notebook that they can journal in is always a winner.

Journaling has been shown to significantly reduce stress and put a day’s event into perspective. Many people use journals to organize their thoughts and determine what is important to them, but their exact usage will depend on the writer. 

To complete this thoughtful basket, consider including a variety of luxurious pens. In many cases, the writing utensil can make a world of difference. The pen could be in your favorite color, or you could get a variety of colors to help you better organize your entries. For those looking for a more elegant writing experience, fountain pens are a beautiful and practical way to spruce up a page.

To really set the scene, top the mental health kit off with a thoughtful candle in your favorite scent. Smells have the power to affect us deeply. In fact, different aromas have the strongest connection to our memory and emotions

Use this connection to your advantage by finding a candle that puts you in a state of utter tranquility. This mood is the most conducive to journaling and is sure to help you feel calm for a long time to come.

Gift Baskets Remind You That You Are Worth Caring For

There are so many ways to indulge in ever-important self-care on a daily basis, and it is always worthwhile to participate in these rituals whenever possible. That said, going out of your way to organize an activity or set of items that remind you how special you are can be even more meaningful.

While it is wonderful when others do things for us, there is something to be said for knowing what you want and getting it. After all, no one knows you better than you do, and you deserve to be pampered. 

BlinkBar knows that there are a million different ways to feel beautiful, and we want you to feel as many as possible. So start thinking about what is the most meaningful to you and what would make you feel the most cherished. From there, it is only a matter of making it happen for yourself.