Your Brow Lamination Aftercare: How to Keep Your Brows at Their Best

When I first had my brows professionally treated, I was beyond shocked at the elegant results. I had seen before and after pictures of other people, of course, but it is so different when it’s you. 

You get used to seeing certain features in the mirror every day, always expecting to see the same thing. For me, getting my brows laminated was the perfect way to switch up my look just enough that I felt reinvigorated with my beauty routine, but not so much that I felt unlike myself.

There are a variety of brow treatments available, but brow laminations are unique in that they solely utilize your existing brow hairs to create a feathered, lush look. For instance, microblading, another incredibly popular brow enhancing procedure, works with your natural brows but adds pigment to refine and define them further. What attracted me so much to brow lamination was that it felt like the truest extension of my natural beauty.

Not only that, but brow lamination lasts for long enough that I always get to feel like I get my money’s worth on this luxurious treatment, but also short enough that I can easily switch up my look regularly if that is what I choose. 

I adore the results of microblading, but that semi-permanent treatment can last between one to three years. I wanted to start somewhere that was a bit less of a commitment but would still enhance and enliven my eyebrows, and I found it in brow lamination.

That said, brow lamination is far from just a worthy alternative to microblading. It also stands strong as a gorgeous eyebrow treatment in its own right. Brow lamination is well known for its enchanting signature look that amplifies your brows while not taking attention away from your other stunning facial features.

What Is Brow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is a process that uses the natural brow hairs you already have to create a cultivated, new, and fuller look. This treatment originated in Russia but has taken the rest of the world by storm in recent years. People are captivated by the show-stopping results and want to try it out for themselves.

The goal of brow lamination is to uplift your brows, making them somewhat more vertical. While this may sound a bit counterproductive, the result is a stunning, full brow with a defined arch that will have you swooning. 

Your technician will apply a solution that allows your hairs to be redirected to create your desired shape. This also means that brow lamination is a profoundly customizable experience. Bringing in inspiration pictures is highly encouraged, as it will help facilitate the conversation with your brow specialist.

Understanding that your results may not be exactly the same as your inspiration picture is crucial, but it will give your specialist a much clearer idea of what you are going for. Then, the two of you can discuss what you want and what is possible with your current brows. Hopefully, from there, you will land on a solution that is elegant, doable, and everything you have ever dreamed of for your eyebrows.

Like with many similar beauty treatments performed by qualified professionals, it is entirely normal for people to be deeply relaxed while getting their brows laminated. This makes sense, as you close your eyes and essentially receive a face massage that will give you gorgeous brows. 

Brow lamination is the ultimate form of self-care. Going to the salon feels like a trip to the spa, and getting to walk out between forty-five minutes and an hour later with rejuvenated eyebrows is equal parts exciting and tranquil.

How Long Does Brow Lamination Last?

This is perhaps the best part of a brow lamination. You can expect your gorgeous results to last for roughly six weeks after the initial treatment. This timeline is long enough that the treatment can easily be performed in advance for any event you want to look especially photo-ready for, but not so long that you have to stress over when you can next restyle your look. 

While about six weeks of lasting results are the norm, there are steps you can take to help prolong your beautiful treatment. At the same time, there are also things you should stay away from if you want to get the most out of your brow lamination.

How Can I Make My Brow Lamination Last Longer?

Many of the best practices involved in keeping your brow lamination for as long as possible revolve around leaving them alone for the first 24 hours. After that, it is mostly about moisturization and brushing your brows to keep them in the desired shape. 

Be sure to ask your specialist for their advice, but here is some generally accepted post-brow lamination advice:

– Keep your eyebrows dry for a day after the treatment

– Avoid activities that cause you to sweat

– Do not apply eyebrow makeup following the treatment

– Leave your eyebrows alone. Try not to touch or alter them (even if it’s tempting!)

– Do not sleep on your stomach, as rubbing against the pillow could change your final results

What Will My Brow Lamination Treatment Be Like?

One of the most common questions that people ask after seeing the mesmerizing results of a brow lamination is a very reasonable one: what is the treatment like? It is completely understandable to want to know what to expect, as well as to expect something fairly labor-intensive after seeing the sometimes drastic difference. 

In reality, getting your brows laminated is as easy as planning, communicating, and lying down to be pampered.

As mentioned earlier, it is helpful to go in with a thorough idea of what you are looking for in your new and improved brows. Even if your exact vision does not turn out to be the final result, this will help both you and your brow specialist to visualize what you have in mind. 

From there, you will show your inspiration picture to the brow technician and explain what you have in mind. Your specialist will hear out all of your wants and desires and will use their sage brow wisdom to determine several things. First of all, they will decide what is possible with your current brows, then what would look best with your gorgeous facial features, and finally how to best implement what you came in looking for.

After you both have a thorough understanding of the desired outcome, it is time to get started with the luxurious treatment. Luckily for you, having the actual brow lamination done just involves lying back and enjoying the ride. That said, it is always helpful to know what is happening to your brows and why.

What Does Brow Lamination Entail

After lying back and closing your eyes, it is time for your technician to really get started on crafting the brows of your dreams. 

– To begin, a solution will be put on your brows that aims to lift the hairs, the first step in creating the feathered look so characteristic of brow lamination. This solution will remain on your eyebrows for a little while, allowing the hairs’ natural curl and growth patterns to be altered to create the look you want.

– Now that your brow hairs are ready to be shaped, it is time to brush them upward and in the direction you want. This is when your new look’s fullness will really start to take shape.

This stage takes a good amount of creativity, precision, and meticulousness from your brow specialist, so be sure to research to find someone whose results you adore. Also, always remember that communication is key. Clearly discuss what you are looking for, and you are sure to have gorgeous results you will love.

– Another solution is now applied to your brows that acts as a neutralizer. This stage is all about locking in your brows’ new shape and ensuring that they will stay exactly how you want them for as long as possible.

– Lastly, your brow technician will likely apply a nourishing and moisturizing cream to your brows. The solutions used to complete brow lamination are wonderful in that they give people elegant results, but they can sometimes be drying. In order to counteract this, some kind of moisturization is often an important step in getting this treatment performed.

Final Steps For Perfecting Brows

Depending on what you and your technician discussed, a few more steps may be taken before the treatment is totally complete. Not everyone will experience these parts of the process, but it is perfectly normal if you do.

If you do not have exactly the shape you were looking for at this point, or if you desire a more refined arch, your technician may carefully pluck or wax some eyebrow hairs. This will be done if your brows are almost there but could use just a tad more shaping. 

It is also not uncommon for some kind of brow tinting to be added for those with naturally lighter brows who want a more stark appearance.

Brow Better, Brow Best

Few eyebrow treatments have taken the beauty world by storm quite like brow lamination, but once you see the breathtaking results, it is easy to see why. Getting my brows laminated has changed my life for the better by helping my inner beauty come out, and that’s what keeps me coming back.