Join the BlinkBar Team

Love lashes as much as we do? Believe that beauty is more than a look, but a feeling? We want you on our team! At BlinkBar, we believe in empowering, encouraging, and uplifting our team members.

Our core values

Undeniable Passion

Every person involved in Blinkbar is here because it’s what we love to do. Our hearts are in our work, and we bring the best possible versions of ourselves to Blinkbar each day.

Professional Excellence

Each team member is expertly trained to give the absolute best service to our clients. From our front desk staff to our most experienced stylists, every member exceeds the high bar we set for professional excellence.

Clear Communication

All team members clearly communicate with our clients and fellow stylists. Every voice is valuable to our team because open communication is key to learning and growth.


Blinkbar is all about empowering ALL women. From enhancing our clients’ natural beauty so they walk out the door feeling stronger than ever, to empowering our staff to own their work, we’re all about creating an atmosphere of positivity.

Personal Growth

We support the growth and development of our team members. We want to inspire our employees to continually learn new skills on both a personal and professional level— because we believe women can run the world. 

Career Opportunities

We currently do not have any openings at this time. We are always looking for excellent team members to join us. Please see your resume and cover letter to opportunities@theblinkbar.com.