Eyebrow Lamination: The Benefits and Why You Want It

Finally, people are wising up to the incredible power eyebrows have to transform your face. If you desire a more structured look, a more defined and refined brow is perfect for you. For an airy and dreamy look, you have a variety of options, and one of my absolute favorites is eyebrow lamination. Eyebrow lamination allows you to roll out of bed with the full, romantic, and effortlessly luscious brows of your dreams.

Brow lamination has become all the rage recently due to its exposure on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media sites. However, even many of the treatment’s biggest fans are unaware that it actually originated in Russia before migrating to the States. People flock to eyebrow lamination because of its distinct look, simultaneously creating a brow that is both feathery and elegant but still clearly defined and full.

One of brow lamination’s best features is that it easily fills in any sparse areas of my eyebrows, which was often a concern for me. After a brow lamination treatment, I know that I am covered and beautiful from the time I wake up to the moment I go to sleep.

Is this the right process for you to make your eyebrow goals a reality? Let’s cover exactly what it is, what results you can expect, and all of the benefits in the wonderful world of brow lamination.

What Do Laminated Eyebrows Look Like?

Laminated brows are characterized by an airy, whimsical look that is distinct from other eyebrow treatments. While microblading may give you a more refined and sharp brow via semi-permanent tattooing, brow lamination is all about using the eyebrow hairs you already have and maximizing their fullness to give you the look and shape you want.

There is a lot of variation in the world of laminated eyebrows, as you and your brow stylist will discuss your goals and how you can work together to achieve them. Basically, everyone’s brow lamination will look somewhat different based on what look they specifically are going for. Eyebrow lamination is similar to the process of a lash lift in many ways, as it is all about retraining your hair’s natural curl pattern to reach your desired look.

That being said, there are some constants to be found in brows that have undergone this luxurious treatment. Lamination essentially retrains the individual hairs in your brows to point more upward rather than horizontally or outward (depending on your hair type and how it grows). This gives you a more clearly defined arch while still maintaining a light and fabulous look. Because of this refinement, brow lamination can be great for those with occasional sparse spots with less hair in their brows, but we will later touch on this.

What Goes Into the Process of Getting My Brows Laminated?

The actual brow lamination treatment itself is often considered to be a very relaxing one, somewhat similar to a face massage. This makes brow lamination one of my favorite acts of self-care. Not only do I walk out with stunning, meticulously crafted brows, but I also felt pampered and tended to during the treatment.

Brow lamination generally takes under an hour, and you really do feel like you are being deservedly pampered the whole time. So the process is quick, relaxing, and does not take up your entire day. After the treatment, you can absolutely go about your regularly scheduled activities and take part in any plans you already had. You will just do so with even more stunning brows than usual.

After you and your eyebrow architect have discussed and agreed upon what would look the most incredible on you while still being achievable and realistic given the brows you have, it is time to laminate. 

The Steps of Brow Lamination

– You will lie down on a comfortable surface, close your eyes, and a keratin-based solution will be applied to your brows. The purpose of this solution is to begin retraining the hairs so they can be combed more precisely in the desired direction. This will stay on your eyebrows for a little under ten minutes, which will prepare them to be brushed in the next step.

– Now that your brows have been made more flexible, your specialist will comb the hairs into a precise shape that you both loved.

– Once the hairs are perfectly placed, it is time for a neutralizing solution. This will ensure that your eyebrows stay in the position they were just brushed. Like the original solution, this will stay on your brows for just under ten minutes, making your newly laminated brows stay exactly this stunning and enchanting for as long as possible.

– Finally, a calming moisturizer is put on your brows. This will keep both the hair and surrounding skin healthy, beautiful, and receptive to further treatments.

One of the best parts of getting your brows laminated is that you get to walk in, be treated like royalty, and then walk out an hour later with the brows of your dreams. I always leave the salon feeling like a queen, and my gorgeous yet still natural brows are right there to prove it.

Who Is Brow Lamination Best For?

Eyebrow lamination wonderfully fills in all sparse areas in your brows, but it does need hair to work with. Other brow treatments may use pigment or ink to enhance your look, but lamination is all about using the gorgeous hair you already have. As a result, this specific treatment may be best for those who have a good amount of eyebrow hair, but it may not always go in the desired direction. Beautifully fixing the direction of hair growth is debatably what eyebrow lamination is best at.

The lamination process is perfect for those with luscious brows that could use a bit of taming, but that is far from the only application. This treatment can also have exquisite results on those whose eyebrows have thinned over time. There are a variety of reasons for eyebrow thinning, from years of over-plucking or waxing to just the very natural progression of hair over our lifetimes, and many of these can be remedied with lamination.

This makes eyebrow lamination a favorite amongst those who want their eyebrows to look more ageless, as full, lush brows are a great indication of health and youth. If you are looking for a more elegant, cultivated brow with the kind of arch dreams are made of, eyebrow lamination might just be the perfect treatment for you.

How Long Does Brow Lamination Typically Last?

With brow lamination providing such stunning and natural results, it stands to reason that people would want to know how long they can expect the treatment to last. The good news is that the process will replace or add to your makeup routine for a while because brow lamination typically lasts for about six weeks. 

There are things you can do to guarantee the most possible time out of the treatment, primarily leaving your brows alone for a day after the treatment. Luckily, though, after the 24 hours are up, you can brush and change your brows to your heart’s content. Brow lamination relaxes your eyebrow hairs’ natural growth patterns, so you can really brush and customize them on a daily basis, depending on the look you are going for.

You will also want to avoid steaming, getting the brows overly wet, or sweating for the day after your treatment in order to give you the best and longest-lasting possible results. Any of these can disrupt the setting process and change the effect.

Can I Still Wear Makeup on My Brows?

Again, leaving your eyebrows largely untouched for the first 24 hours after receiving your lamination treatment is crucial to the longevity of your brows. This means that eyebrow makeup and makeup around the brow area are generally off-limits for that first day. It can be very tempting to apply a gel, pomade, or pencil to your new-and-improved brows, but doing so can, unfortunately, lessen the overall effect.

However, for the rest of the treatment’s lifetime, you are able to use most makeup, and your eyebrows will be much more receptive than usual. Since the curl pattern your hair usually has is now lessened, you can style your brows however you want. Many find this to be a very exciting and liberating experience and one that allows for maximum customization. 

If you are unsure about how a kind of makeup may interact with your brows, be sure to ask your brow specialist.

So Many Ways To Enhance Your Beautiful Brows

Those who regularly get their brows laminated swear by the enchanting yet natural results, and it is easy to see why. The results are feathery, full, and beautiful. This brow trend is certainly here to stay and has already cemented its place as a worthy addition in our eyebrow arsenal.

BlinkBar knows that beauty is a sacred feeling and should be nurtured. Brow lamination is an effective way to bring your inner beauty to the forefront and give your eyebrows new life.