So you’ve been thinking about getting lash extensions for a while now. Maybe you’ve mulled over it, obsessed over it, had some concerns or even more deserving, excitement! By now you have officially completed the most important step already—you’ve made an appointment atBlinkBar.

No need to be intimidated, we’re here to support and create a relationship with you. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all service, your personal needs are met from concept to creation. Once our blush-toned interiors are in sight, you know you’ve made it. Come on in and let’s get started.

Pre-appointment, we ask that you come in makeup-free, at least all around the delicate eye area so that no outside substances can get in the way of the perfection you are about to achieve. If sans-mascara is not your look, don’t worry. We promise you will leave looking fabulous.

Check in with one of our client service representatives, our friendly receptionists. They are always on top of scheduling and will make sure you’re locked into our little black book.

Kick your feet up until your lash tech is ready to come get you. Once your lash tech, now is the time to share your vision! Consult about your preferred look, whether it’s classic 60’s, supernatural, or dramatically glam. Feel free to bring in inspiration photos!

Your lash tech will not only take notes during your chat to customize your look to your preferred style, material, and length, but they will also make recommendations for you based on your shared preferences, goals, and your natural lash length.You’ll be a pro about all the details before you even leave your first appointment.

When and only when your lash tech sees you’re confident in all the agreed upon details, the magic can begin! For this part, you only need to relax. It’s important that you clear your schedule for 1.5-2.5 hours depending on the results you’ve expressed, but your work here is done. Simply lie back, listen to a podcast or some music (BlinkBar has an excellent playlist),take a rejuvenating nap, or chat with your lash tech—they might just become your bff every 2weeks!