Choosing The Right Lash Style For You

The best part of BlinkBar is that every single client’s lashes are customized to their preferences and eye shape. Not everyone walks out batting clone-like lashes down the street–oh no. All of us have a unique vibe, a unique look, and unique #lash goals. So how do you decide which elements work best for you?

We tend to think that any of our styles look fantastic on everyone, it just depends on your personal objective. If you don’t have an exact idea of what would make your peepers pop, do not fret. We put together a little menu of styles you can use as a guide to help you craft your precise look

Gaze is the ultimate cat-eye glam. We use shorter lashes at the inner corner of your eye, elongating them towards the outer corner for an instant eye lift. It’s dramatic, it’s flirty, and it does work for everyone! If you’re looking for a truly snatched, sultry look, these lashes are especially for you.

Dream is a bit more uniform across the board, but by no means boring. We apply these lashes using a blend of shorter and longer lash lengths along your natural lash line for a deeper, multidimensional look that is fluttery, fluffy, and show-stopping. If you’re looking for a fuller version of your natural lashes, Dream might be the style for you to toy around with. The length is up to you.

Glance will certainly turn heads. We use shorter lashes along the outer corners of your eye and longer lashes towards the center for a wide-eyed effect. It’s alert, cute, and innocently sweet–yet still sexy. If you want your eyes to appear bright and blameless, thinkGlance.

Wink is a more subtle approach, putting the focus on the outer corners of your eyes.We just use half the amount of lashes, so you get a sleek, lifted look in half the time. If you’re looking to just boost your natural lash look, this is the perfect chic little time-saver to your morning routine.The beauty of all these styles is that they aren’t a packaged design. We’ll tailor the right materials and lengths to meet your vision, eye shape, and natural lashes so that you get your own one-of a kind look. Now there’s no reason to bat an eye before booking your appointment.