How Soon Will My Eyelashes Grow Back?

Many people take great pride in their eyelashes, and it is easy to see why. They can have a significant effect on making you look more awake and alert, as well as glamorous and elegant. 

That said, it is important to remember that eyelashes serve as but an emphasis on top of your natural beauty, but you are still gorgeous with or without them. Whether they are long or short, thin or thick, or if they are currently growing in, you are stunning, and there is absolutely no debate about that.

It’s natural to wonder when your eyelashes may begin to grow back and when they will be grown in completely. This is especially true for those who have just recently experienced eyelash thinning or are anticipating potential eyelash thinning in the future. You cannot always predict the fate of your eyelashes ahead of time, but being armed with the knowledge of when they will go back to how they used to be can be very comforting. 

If you would like to know when you can expect your eyelashes to possibly grow back, as well as some plausible causes for the thinning in the first place, keep on reading this article.

What Causes Eyelashes To Fall Out?

There are a lot of reasons that eyelashes can potentially fall out. Since many (but not all) of these reasons are medical in nature, it is always a good idea to discuss possible causes with your doctor if you are at all concerned or simply have questions.

Certain Medications and Treatments

Certain medications can have the side effect of thinning eyelashes that may fall out entirely. If this is the cause of your eyelashes not growing, you will likely have to wait until you are done taking the medication for your lashes to begin growing back.

This is the case with people going through chemotherapy and those taking medications that treat thyroid issues and deal with hormone imbalances. Again, speak with your doctor about your medication and its potential side effects. If you experience anything out of the ordinary or new, be sure to communicate that to your doctor as well.

Irritation or Damage to the Follicle

This can occur over time or in one single event. If you have been rubbing your eyes especially often or vigorously, this can result in follicle damage that could impede further eyelash growth. This irritation also makes eyelashes fall out faster, creating a longer period of time between phases of the eyelash growth cycle (but more on that later).

Eyelashes can also come off as a result of a one-time event. For instance, singeing the hairs is not only a harrowing experience, but also will cause a bit of a wait until your eyelashes get back to normal.

Some Health Conditions

There are some health conditions that can also cause eyelashes to thin before medication is even considered. These include thyroid ailments that can cause your hormones to become imbalanced, impacting your hair growth, lupus, and alopecia.

Genetic Factors

This is one to be aware of throughout your life, regardless of your age and health. If your parents experienced some eyelash thinning at a certain point, or if they just never had the thickest lashes to begin with, that is a good indication of what might happen to your eyelashes over time. 

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Naturally Occurring Thinning as You Age

This one is not a health condition; it is simply something to look out for as time goes on. Your body goes through a variety of changes as you age, and it is completely natural for people to experience a certain amount of eyelash thinning over the years. If you believe that this may be the case for you or have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to your medical practitioner.

If you are experiencing a bit of eyelash thinning and would like to restore them to their former luster with a luxurious salon treatment, lash lifts and lash extensions both make for excellent options.

How Long Will It Take My Eyelashes To Grow Back In?

After determining the reason for your eyelash thinning or fall out, the first question is almost always the same. People want to know when their eyelashes are likely to grow back in. This is a perfectly natural concern and question, and once the reason for the original issue has been sorted out, you can expect your eyelashes to grow back in around six weeks or so. 

Of course, this will vary somewhat from person to person, but this timeline will also vary on a few other factors. First of all, the speed at which your hair grows back will depend on what (if any) measures you take to promote the healthy and quick regrowth of your hair. 

The second factor, however, is more out of your control. Your specific regrowth will depend on your individual eyelash growth cycle.

What Is the Eyelash Growth Cycle?

All of the hair on our bodies goes through a growth cycle, and our luscious eyelashes are no exception. While different areas of hair will go through these phases at different speeds, the phases do remain the same. 

The eyelash growth cycle is abbreviated as opposed to the hair growth cycle for what grows on the top of your head. This is because eyelashes are, of course, much shorter than other hair, meaning that the whole process can be somewhat abbreviated.

There are three main phases to the eyelash growth cycle, and each is necessary to maintain a healthy and lush lash line. The speed at which your lashes grow back can also depend on what stage the majority of your eyelashes are in once the root cause is addressed, and they can begin to grow again. Not all of your eyelash hairs will be in the same phase at the same time. This is done naturally by your lashes to minimize the risk of all of your eyelashes falling out at once, but this can still occur in certain situations like the ones mentioned above.

The Growth Phase (Anagen)

This is the first phase of the eyelash growth cycle, and it is by far the most important when it comes to the active regrowth of your eyelash hairs. It is called the “growth” phase for a reason, after all. The anagen phase begins as soon as the old hair falls out and the new one grows in to take its place on your lash line.

This phase typically lasts for between four and ten weeks. During this time, your eyelashes will grow consistently each day until they reach their final length. Your specific eyelash length and how quickly your lashes grow can depend on your genetics as well as whether you take certain measures to promote healthy hair growth. 

If you would like to speed up the process, be sure to look at the tips later in this article.

The Degradation Phase (Catagen)

The degradation or “catagen” phase of the eyelash growth cycle is where the rapid growth of the first phase lessens and stops. Instead, this is a relatively quick phase where your follicles will shrink to accommodate the freshly grown-in hairs. This gives them their best chance of staying on your lash line for a long time without falling off. 

The degradation phase generally lasts for around two and three weeks. The catagen phase is by far the briefest section of all three phases of the eyelash growth cycle.

The Resting Phase (Telogen)

All good things must come to an end, and so too must the eyelash growth cycle. We complete our journey on the third section, the resting or “telogen” phase. This is a long phase of the cycle where your eyelashes can stay strong and look gorgeous. Underneath this lash, there is a baby hair forming and waiting to grow in its place when the time is right. 

This assures that new hair will always be ready to grow sturdy and beautiful once the resting phase is completed. If a hair falls out during the catagen phase, however, it will have to wait until the growth phase to see a new hair take its place. The resting phase lasts for between three and four months, making it the longest stage of the whole cycle.

How Can I Help My Eyelashes Grow Back Faster?

If you are looking for a more active way to promote eyelash growth, you have a few options at your disposal:

– Thoroughly but gently clean your lashes of debris

– Take vitamins and supplements that aid in healthy and fast hair growth

– After discussing it with your doctor, apply a lash growth serum to help the anagen phase of the cycle along

Growing With You and Your Lashes

While eyelashes are certainly not the only part of feeling beautiful, many people appreciate long, elegant lashes and how they can positively impact their look. If you have recently experienced some eyelash thinning, know that there are options, and you are still absolutely stunning no matter what.