How Much Is Microblading Going To Cost?

When it comes to beautiful treatments that can elevate your beauty to unprecedented levels, microblading is nearly unmatched. Microblading offers a level of precision, refinement, as well as semi-permanency that makes it an incredibly enticing option for many. 

Microblading is perfect for those with naturally thin and sparse eyebrows, those with a lot of eyebrow hairs that could use a bit of structure, and everyone in between.

It is no secret that there are a variety of ways to do your eyebrows. There is no shortage of different makeup solutions that can help your brows get to where you want them, but makeup does have its disadvantages. 

For one thing, all of these different eyebrow products are purchases that you will have to make many times over the years. If you are one of the many people (myself once included) that uses several separate brow products to craft exactly the look you want, it can really add up.

I used to spend my mornings focusing on my brows. I’d go in first with a spoolie, then with a pencil, then I would then tastefully smudge the pencil for a more natural look, and finally, a brush complete with gel would lock my masterpiece in place. It was time-consuming, to say the least, and my eyebrows would look slightly different from day-to-day. 

I knew there had to be a better solution out there, and that is when I discovered the wonders of microblading.

What Exactly Is Microblading?

Microblading is a quick and effective procedure that uses cosmetic tattooing to craft the brows of your dreams. A microblading pen is used to carefully draw realistic-looking hairs into your existing eyebrows, amplifying what you have naturally and giving you a more defined shape that beautifully complements your features. 

Microblading should always be performed by a brow expert who listens and considers your goals while also explaining what is realistic and would look best. This will generally happen at a salon where cosmetic treatments and procedures are performed regularly. This expert will use the microblading pen to deposit small amounts of pigment into your eyebrows, creating exactly the look you want.

One of my personal favorite parts of microblading is that it is semi-permanent. It’s all the upsides of a permanent treatment without any of the anxiety that kind of commitment could prompt. Even if you do not like your results, they will fade over time. 

Touch-ups are also recommended throughout the microblading process to get your brows exactly how you want them and get the most out of your procedure. More on that later.

Microblading results generally last for a total of roughly one to three years, depending on the frequency of touch-ups, your skin type, how dark you want your brows, how much time you spend outdoors, and other factors. This is often the perfect amount of time for people, as it gives you enough time to reassess your brows in the future while still being long enough to know for sure that you got your money’s worth. 

Speaking of money’s worth, how much does getting your eyebrows microbladed actually cost?

How Much Does a Microblading Session Cost?

Of course, the cost of getting your brows microbladed will inevitably depend on a variety of factors. Just some of these include:

The salon you go to

– Your specialist’s level of experience

– The difficulty of the microblading itself

– Your geographic location

– How many touch-ups you may need

There are certainly more factors that can change the total cost of microblading, but those are a few to consider. I was sure to mention all of those because the truth is that the cost of microblading can vary significantly from place to place. That said, the procedure tends to range from around $400 to $2,000. 

The more expensive treatments will likely be in big cities at well-known salons, but you don’t necessarily have to travel to one of those places. Since microblading is performed by a brow artist, each individual may have their own style in how they like the eyebrows they work on to turn out. 

Don’t be afraid to ask your technician about how they operate and what their goals are for you. You can even ask for before and after pictures if they have them available. At the end of the day, finding the best salon and specialist for you is about more than just the price point.

At the same time, that does not mean that going to the cheapest salon you can find is a good alternative. The age-old adage “you get what you pay for” rings especially true in this situation, and since the results are semi-permanent, it’s always a good idea to do your research.

How Often Do I Need to Touch-Up My Microbladed Eyebrows?

Many people find that getting their microbladed eyebrows touched up is simply a part of the process. It is incredibly common for many reasons, not the least of which is that the color of a first microblading session can take a bit of time to fully set in. 

When you first leave the salon, your brows will be much darker than they eventually will settle into. Then, as your skin heals, the pigment will appear much lighter. This is why it is recommended to wait a bit after your first microblading session to get a touch-up.

Speak with your specialist to see how long they recommend waiting before assessing your results. After that amount of time, you can certainly come in for a touch-up to get your eyebrows even closer to what you originally pictured. 

Once your brows are exactly how you want them, it is also customary to come in for an eyebrow refresh several times over the course of the treatment’s semi-permanent tenure. This makes the procedure’s results last longer and allows you to keep your refined, luxurious brows the way you want them.

The precise amount of time between touch-ups will vary from person to person. Again, how much the pigment fades will depend on your skin type, the darkness of the pigment, and other factors. 

One of those other factors is whether you like the look of your brows a bit faded or not. If so, you will likely be able to go a little longer in between treatments. If not, you may need to come in sooner and more often.

How Can I Make My Microbladed Brows Last Longer?

While it is generally accepted that microblading results last for one to three years, there are some things you can do to ensure a longer life for your new brows. 

These primarily involve caring for your skin right after the procedure is performed and forming a few manageable habits that will keep it healthy and gorgeous. Always ask your specialist for their sage advice when it comes to microblading aftercare, but there are some steps you should nearly always take.

Be ready to experience a bit of redness and tenderness after the procedure is performed, as this is perfectly normal and not a cause for alarm. 

As your eyebrows heal, they may become itchy as scabs form. It’s crucial not to scratch or pick at these scabs, as this healing period can determine your results for years to come. Besides, itchiness, in this case, actually means the skin is healing, which is a good thing! 

It can take up to a month for the skin to be back to normal, so try to avoid rubbing at or irritating the area until then. If your salon and specialist give you any other advice, be sure to understand and implement it.

What Is It Like Getting My Brows Microbladed?

One of the most common questions after “how much does microblading cost?” is “what’s it like?” and inevitably, “does it hurt?” In my experience, it does not hurt. I simply feel a mild pressure on the area of my brows. 

I actually find the microblading experience to be quite a relaxing one. I just close my eyes and allow myself to be pampered for the next few hours. Then I reawaken refreshed with a whole new set of brows—sometimes literally reawaken, as certain people will fall asleep during the treatment.

After a thorough conversation with the brow technician about what you are looking for, they will draw what the final product could look like on your natural eyebrows. After you approve that blueprint, it is time to get started. Don’t worry; a numbing cream is applied to your brows before the procedure begins, making the whole thing a delightfully smooth process.

Get the Brows of Your Dreams

Microblading is a wonderfully trendy treatment right now for one major reason: because it works. The results are magical, and it can give people the kind of brows they only ever dreamed about. 

Even if you only dream of eyebrows similar to your natural ones that you won’t have to fill in every day, microblading is an excellent solution. Microblading has helped me to feel my most beautiful, and it can work for you too.