How to Hide Eye Bags: A Beginners Guide

As an inconvenience that affects many of us throughout our lifetimes, under-eye bags can seem inevitable for the vast majority of people. After all, we’ve all looked in the mirror in the morning and seen some unwanted puffiness gazing back. While these uninvited guests may not be your favorite facial feature, there are a variety of ways to combat them, making any eye bags significantly less visible.

The task of hiding or getting rid of those pesky under-eye bags can feel daunting, but keep in mind that a little effort goes a tremendously long way. For instance, you have so many tools in your makeup arsenal that can help to bring out your inner beauty. In addition, it is also worth considering some slight changes to a few daily habits that can improve the appearance of your eye bags without makeup altogether.

That brings me to one of the main points of this article: there are two major methods that will help you lessen the look of under-eye bags. 

  • First, you can use different forms of makeup to conceal however much you want, wherever on your face you want. 
  • The second, somewhat deeper, option is to make a few manageable lifestyle changes that could diminish any under-eye perfections at the source. 

Making simple changes could help you utilize your favorite makeup products to cover up darkness or bags, or it could reduce imperfections to the point where you no longer feel the need to use makeup under your eyes. In employing both of these methods, you are activating something I like to call an “under-eye bag of tricks.” I admit that I’m pretty proud of that one. However, I am even prouder of this list of ways to hide any and all under-eye bags to the point that they are nearly invisible.

Get Enough Sleep

Let’s just say they call it “beauty sleep” for a reason. Not getting enough rest provides the perfect environment for under-eye bags to thrive and grow by dilating the blood vessels and creating a darker appearance. The solution for this seems quite straightforward on paper; the natural conclusion is to, obviously, get more sleep. However, with work, social activities, family, and other responsibilities, the conclusion of just getting more rest becomes a bit more complicated.

In many cases, getting more sleep is easier said than done. In the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be difficult to carve out time for sleep. I have often felt like I have to choose between a social life or proper rest, which is not a fun position to be in. At the end of the day, it comes down to finding time for self-care, and getting enough rest is a significant portion of that. 

Understand that by getting enough sleep, you are helping yourself to be the very best version of you. Not only does taking this time for yourself prevent you from burning out, but you will likely find your interactions with others are actually much more meaningful now that you can truly give them your all.

If getting more sleep still does not give you the awake and youthful look you want, there are other treatments that can help you unlock your inner beauty. Lash extensions and lash lifts both help your eyes look absolutely stunning while also taking away attention from any possible under-eye bags.

Basically, getting enough sleep has an abundance of advantages. Being properly rested helps you feel physically better, feel ready to take on whatever life brings you, and maybe most important of all, improve your under-eye bags.

Be Mindful of What You Eat

When it comes to how diet can exacerbate the appearance of under-eye bags, salty foods are the main culprit. This is because salt causes water retention, which can cause a great deal of puffiness. 

Either as a replacement or an addition to your current eating habits, consider foods that are rich in potassium, and therefore will lower your body’s retention of water. Foods like bananas, avocados, and tomatoes are all helpful additions to your daily diet that may help reduce under-eye bags.

Always Stay Hydrated

Similar to understanding how your diet can affect your entire body (under-eye bags included), drinking enough water is another factor that can contribute greatly to your overall health. Doctors and scientists recommend that the average adult drink eight total eight-ounce glasses of water per day to stay properly hydrated. Of course, this average can vary to an extent depending on the individual. A few factors that can alter your recommended daily water intake include:

– Your daily exercise regimen can change your hydration requirements. Exercising more means losing more water through your pores, so drinking more is a must.

– The weather or temperature outside is another significant aspect to consider. On hotter days, be sure to keep water close so you can rehydrate when necessary.

– Always be sure to consider your individual health when thinking about your daily water intake. Some health conditions and medications can make people more prone to dehydration, so doing some research to better understand your body is always a good idea.

Drinking enough water improves the appearance of your skin as a whole, as it has all the moisture it needs. This, naturally, extends to the appearance of your under-eye bags and circles as well. If you find it difficult to remember to drink enough, consider keeping a water bottle nearby throughout the day. This way, drinking enough water can become a habit that you may not even notice as you go about your daily business.

Find A Makeup Routine That Works For You

This stage may take a bit of trial-and-error, but once you eventually find the perfect combination of products to reduce the appearance of your under-eye bags, it will stick with you for life.

Here are a variety of different possible steps you could take to reduce the appearance of puffiness. Do not be afraid to experiment and find out which elements of this routine work beautifully for you and which ones are maybe a little less essential.

Try Makeup With Color-Correcting Properties

Using orange or red color-correctors can help greatly when it comes to canceling out the often dark appearance of under-eye bags. If you have found in the past that concealer alone does not give you the results you want, different shades of color correction can aid in entirely hiding dark circles where concealer may sometimes falter.

Find The Concealer of Your Dreams

After applying the color-corrector of your choice, it is time to go in with a wonderful and effective concealer. You can choose from low, medium, and high-coverage concealers depending on what formula makes you feel both the most stunning and the most like you

Blend your makeup carefully to avoid any patchiness using a beauty blender, a brush, or just your finger. Remember that concealer is possibly the most important part of your makeup routine when it comes to altering the appearance of under-eye bags, so take as long as you need to feel like you have the gorgeous outcome you are looking for.

Top Your Concealer With a Subtle but Gorgeous Highlighter

Once you are content that you have blended your concealer into the height of perfection, you can go in with a slightly shimmery highlighter. In this case, it is probably best to use something understated because the hope is just to bring your skin’s natural beauty to the forefront. 

Using highlighter is one of the best ways to make your skin look dreamy and enchanting, so why not use a bit under your eyes as well?

Use a Brightening Mattifying Powder

This can be used either instead of or in addition to your highlighter. The importance of using a mattifying powder is that it will keep your concealer solidly in place for the entire day, so you never have to think about your makeup moving or fading. 

To take this step to the next level, though, think about using a brightening powder that either has a bit of shimmer or is a bit lighter than your usual shade.

Beauty Is in the Bag

Under-eye bags are rarely a welcomed addition to your gorgeous face, but there are very simple ways to lessen them significantly or even entirely. BlinkBar knows that every part of a beauty routine should go toward enhancing your beauty. Using some or all of these tips will help to diminish the appearance of under-eye imperfections, leaving you fresh-faced and gorgeous, and enabling you to be an even more confident version of yourself.

By utilizing a unique combination of both manageable lifestyle improvements as well as makeup that makes the real you shine, not only will it decrease the look of your under-eye bags, but you will also look and feel delightful in general. And, after all, when you feel beautiful, you are beautiful.