How to Kickstart Your Self Care Routine

Hint – Keep it Simple

Self-care. Just the notion of it sounds so charming–caring for one’s self–doing what makes you feel your best, showing yourself a little love. But it’s gotten messy… time-consuming, multi-stepped, all encompassing. Where does self-care end and optimally thriving begin? Do you need to work out for hours, drink a gallon of water, eat entirely clean… etc etc, every day in order to love yourself?

Absolutely not. While self-care can mean allowing yourself to splurge at Whole Foods, get perfectly scheduled waxes, or spend an entire evening in a water circuit at your favorite spa, it can also be way less involved. And it doesn’t have to be by-the-books healthy. Sometimes showing yourself a little love is just doing what feels good. The point is, it shouldn’t stress you out to make a little time for yourself each day.

If your days begin at the crack of 6am, and by the time you’ve dealt with a round-trip commute,a long, draining shift, and prepped for the next day of what feels like an endless cycle, it might be hard to know where to start. Sometimes, it can feel like we are too far gone to even begin loving on ourselves, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Start by cutting out negative self-talk that makes you feel undeserving, and address your basic needs. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you staying hydrated throughout the day? You’ve gotta eat, so why not pick up a few healthy necessities and finally try that easy salmon sheet-pan recipe you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest. First see to the small stuff, and then pat yourself on the back with a little self-care.

Whether you get your zen on in yoga, unleash your pent-up badass in a boxing class, or simply take 5 minutes in the morning to stretch, a little movement is a great way to communicate to your body that you love you. Sometimes, self-care manifests itself in the form of a few scoops ofJenni’s ice cream, or your favorite slice (okay, 3 slices) of pizza. You might feel your best after a salt bath, a cleansing pore mask, or a lash treatment, when a glance in the mirror reflects your confidence and commitment to yourself.

The point is, don’t pile your plate with so many self-care activities that spread you too thin. It’s an art of balance, and doing too much negates the matter of cutting yourself some slack. Our lash extension services are a great way to simplify your morning routine so you can focus on the day ahead and feel your best. It’s perfect when you know things are about to get hectic at work, or even before a long vacation to streamline the getting-ready process and minimize your daily maintenance so you can maximize your chill time. A small boost of confidence goes a long way, and underneath a little extra flutter is all you, baby.