How To Put On Eyeliner 101: 5 Ways That Will Make You a Pro Fast

While some makeup comes in and out of style, eyeliner is one of my favorite products that is always there for me. From the days of my youth, when I would blend a noir liner pencil onto my waterline for what seemed like hours, and even when I eventually graduated to a somewhat more sophisticated (though often far from perfect) wing, eyeliner is a constant. 

Something that has allowed eyeliner to thrive for so long is its near-endless versatility. No matter the trends of the day, eyeliner always has a significant part to play. Whether you are going for a bright and fabulous neon look or a dark and sultry smokey eye, eyeliner is integral to each.

A few tips on how to improve your eyeliner technique can be helpful at any point in your journey. Without further ado, here are five ways to help sharpen your cat-eye and perfect your lines.

1. Think About Your Eye Shape

Even before applying the eyeliner, there are a few things to consider to set you up for success. Discovering your eye shape is an integral part of perfecting the fine art of eyeliner. While your application technique is, of course, important, first determine what style, color, and thickness may be right for you. To get you started, here are some of the basic eye shapes and what styles enhance their natural beauty.

Downturned Eyes

A sharp wing looks wonderful on you and accentuates your eyes while also making them sparkle. For colors, think about lighter eyeliner hues.

Upturned Eyes

If you have upturned eyes, consider a thin line on your upper lid. To bring out the naturally beautiful shape of your eyes even more, consider lightly filling in your bottom lash line as well and then topping with a coat of mascara or a beautiful lash (or lash extensions).

Hooded Eyes

Darker eyeliner shades are stunning on those with hooded eyes, especially when used on the outer corner of your eye. This will add both contour and dimension to your look, making your eyes pop even more than usual.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes look fabulous with a thicker liner and a winged eyeliner look on the top lid. Don’t forget to add your own personal style to it! You can add more lines, color, or whatever makes you feel as gorgeous as you are.

Rounded Eyes

A tighter, thinner line is absolutely perfect for those with rounded eyes. Start close to the inner corner of your eye and try to stay close to your upper lash line to make your eyes shine especially bright.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are gorgeous and can be emphasized by using a darker liner on the top lid and a lighter liner on the lower lash line. Light eyeliner makes the eyes look bigger and more alert. Cat-eyes are also enchanting on this eye type.

It is worth noting that these are just suggestions of eyeliner styles that may look good on your eye shape. These are by no means hard and fast rules of how your makeup must be done. If you want a beautiful, sharp cat-eye, make that cat-eye happen. These are just helpful starting points when thinking about a look. BlinkBar knows the simple truth: the most important step to being beautiful is feeling beautiful. 

2. Decide What Types of Eyeliner Are Best for You

One of the best ways to become an eyeliner pro is knowing which kind of liner and formula is best for different looks. A pencil eyeliner lends itself to a bit of smudging, which can be a fast-track to a lovely and eye-enhancing smokey eye. At the same time, a liquid liner pen is best for very sharp, precise application on the eyelid, especially over eyeshadow. 

Meanwhile, gel liner has immense staying power and will remain exactly where you put it on your eye until you deliberately remove it. Gel liner, however, can be a bit more difficult to master, as getting a good feel for that new kind of brush can take time.

Each different variety of eyeliner also has different methods that lead to the most exact application or whatever kind of stunning look you are going for. Eye pencil does not necessarily have to be that sharp, as it lends itself to a gorgeously smudged look on both your top and lower lid anyway. Liquid eyeliner requires some focus and precision but is perfect for crafting a stunning wing and can even make your eyes look bigger. With gel eyeliner, you also have to control the exact amount of pigment you put on the brush, and the right amount will be different for everybody.

In special cases, like with luxurious eyelash extensions, certain kinds of eyeliner would work best for you. Consider if you have any special reasons you should look for specific eyeliner types.

3. Go In With a Steady Hand

Now is the time to find your inner zen, because steady hands are very helpful in perfecting your eyeliner. Take a few deep breaths, maybe indulge in some self-care, and remember that this is a way of expressing yourself. It is absolutely not meant to be stressful, and if you don’t like the way something is coming out, you can always try again! Makeup remover exists for a reason, and we will talk about that more in just a moment.

Once you have done some deep breathing exercises, it is important to support your arm and minimize any fatigue that could lead to a less precise application. To ensure this, do your eye makeup first. This actually has several advantages beyond just keeping your arm’s strength up, as well. Doing your eye makeup first makes it significantly easier to cover up any and all mistakes later in your routine. You can use your favorite concealer or foundation to quickly correct any small mistakes or smudges that may arise.

Next, it is often helpful to place your arm on a table or another stable surface. Just keeping your arm up on its own can lead to some wobbling, possibly resulting in your eyeliner not being as clear as you had hoped. The way around this is to rest your arm at the desired angle and bring your face to your arm rather than the other way around. Then, you can move your hand as needed to make the perfect line. This guarantees that there will not be any accidental upward or downward movement and makes the process much easier in general.

Also, remember that other people will not get anywhere near as close to your face as you are (depending on how your day goes). Even if you may see a line with some imperfections, those around you likely see either a perfectly done flick or those that are less makeup savvy will just see your beautifully defined eyes.

4. Use Makeup Remover Liberally

Here is one of the best-kept secrets in the makeup world: makeup remover is everything. Though people think it’s only for the end of the day or a good night, giving yourself a clean, fresh face, it can be immensely helpful while applying your makeup as well. The truth is, no one applies their eyeliner perfectly every time. In those instances where a little help is needed, makeup remover is there to save the day your eyeliner line.

While a cotton swab or cotton pad and micellar water or makeup remover specifically made for eyes would be best, a makeup wipe will work too. Easily clean up any smudges or imperfections under or around the eye and use it to refine a wing to the angle and sharpness that you want. If you do not want to use makeup remover, concealer can also be a wonderful way to make smudges or dots a thing of the past.  

5. Let Yourself Make Mistakes

Throughout my makeup journey, I have learned one crucial lesson: committing the occasional makeup faux pas is all a part of the journey. Without a few missteps along the way, it’s impossible to figure out what looks you love and which ones you might just leave in the past. Allowing yourself to experiment will teach you new techniques that you may have never considered before. Then, as trends and your tastes continue to evolve, you can approach each new look with a varied and impressive skill-set.

So let yourself learn, and let yourself be imperfect. Makeup is about expressing yourself and bringing your inner beauty out. There are few things more beautiful than the process of growing and coming into your own. 

Lining It Out

It is always worth reminding yourself that makeup is supposed to be fun and a wonderful kind of self-expression. Even if your eyeliner is not picture-perfect every time, it does not mean you aren’t still both stunning and good at makeup. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your makeup skills, either. That way, you can increase your number of go-to looks, which is always a fun feeling.

Think about your eye shape and what kind of eyeliner would best help you achieve the looks you love. Then, steady your hand on a solid surface, and do your eyeliner first to avoid fatigue or weakness in your arm. If you make a mistake (which is far from the end of the world), makeup remover or concealer helps immensely in covering up any spots you don’t like. Finally, always let yourself experiment, and make mistakes. You never know; you might just find your new favorite look!