Ways to Unwind at Your Next Lash Appointment

For some, going to go get a beauty service feels like an absolute luxury—which we tend to agree with in a major way. At Blink Bar, getting your lashes done is considered your right and rite—a ritualistic moment of peace that should be enjoyed! The time spent relaxing on one of our beds while an expert carefully works to make your eyes pop pays for itself in time saved getting ready each morning and night, so let yourself have it. Here are a few tips to help you relax during one of our sessions.

Sip some herbal tea before your appointment.

This is not a clinical procedure, it’s a gift of self-care. There is no work involved for you, so let yourself be at peace with a warm tea or your potion of choice sans caffeine so that you can truly rest your mind and body. Chamomile is relaxing to the nervous system, as well as a digestive aid. Hibiscus is tart and refreshing, while rooibos has more of a caramel, vanilla flavor. These options are fantastic for glowing skin and chilling out any pre-appointment nerves.

All ow yourself some (me) time.

Give yourself permission to own the next couple hours. You don’t want to be stressing and glancing at the clock.Make sure you arrive with enough time to find parking, check-in with our salon receptionist and use the restroom before your session so that you don’t have the urgent squirmies in the middle of your appointment. Our environment is designed to pamper you so escape and unplug by silencing your cell phone

Get cozy.

Temperature control is important when applying the special adhesive during your session. We have plush blankets nearby that are sure to put you in a comfy trance, so don’t be shy to ask for one!

Catch some winks right in one of our beds.

You won’t be asked to do literally anything during your appointment, so while you’re laying down and relaxing you might as well catch up on a few beauty z’s. There’s no better time to get a little shut eye than while your eyes are shut!

Listen to music or a meditation playlist.

We have an awesome playlist we made just for you to enjoy during your appointment, but you can also always bring some headphones and listen to your own relaxing playlist! Or, get caught up on the news, your favorite podcast, an audiobook… this is your time.

Dish with your lash tech...or not!

Our lash techs are going to get to know your lash preferences down to a tee, so if having some peaceful quiet feels weird to you, it’s an excellent window for girl talk! A vent session, a few laughs, or whatever is on your mind, we would love to hear it and get to get to know you. But of course, if chilling in silence allows you to unwind, then don’t be shy about letting us know what. This is your time.