What Is a Lash Lift? Here’s a Few Techniques

From curlers to falsies to a seemingly infinite parade of mascaras, there are so many ways we bring out the very best of our eyelashes. While these strategies do bring out our natural beauty, they can be time-consuming, results often look different from day to day, and the finished product may not look as full and flowing as you’d hoped. That’s why I tend to look for more long-term solutions, and lately, I just can’t seem to get enough of lash lifts.

A lash lift uses similar technology to both eyebrow lamination and hair perms, but the technique is elevated (like your lashes will be) to create the most beautiful and effortless look possible. Lash lifts take your natural-born lashes and carefully craft them upwards, creating an enchanting and totally authentic you. This is one of the primary reasons this luxurious treatment is so sought after: unlike the ever-popular eyelash extensions, lash lifts only use the lashes you have already.

After getting a lash lift, I am regularly amazed by how easily gorgeous I look and feel, from the moment I wake up and throughout the rest of my day. I really did not realize just how much time and effort it took to get my lashes looking how I wanted them every morning. I am now a lash lift lover, and I’ll explain to you why.

This article will cover some of the techniques your eyelash specialist will use during your treatment, as well as ways you can get the most out of your newly enhanced but always stunning lashes.

How Does A Lash Lift Work?

Even for those of us naturally blessed with long, luscious lashes, our eyelashes tend to grow outward rather than upward. If you see a tremendous difference in the angle and fullness of your lashes after using an eyelash curler, I’m talking to you. This means you have a great deal to work with, and your lashes just need to be redirected how you want them.

After going over your eyelash hopes and dreams with your technician, the treatment will begin. A solution will be carefully and precisely applied to your lashes, which will make them point in the desired direction (some variation of upward). If you want a bit more of a step-by-step of what to expect from a lash lift, then keep on reading.

What Should I Expect From the Lash Lift Process?

The lash lift process will look a bit different for everybody, as your technician will individualize your results based on what you are looking for. The attributes of your specific eyelashes will be considered to find the perfect curl and look for you. Lash length, natural curl, thickness, and the way you typically style them will all play in as key factors.

Once you and your technician have settled on a look that is equal parts achievable and fabulous, the actual treatment can begin. Total, the lash lift will likely take about 45 minutes to an hour, and it will often include the following steps:

– Come to your appointment bare-faced, with absolutely no makeup on or around your eye area. This will make sure the curling solution will take as well as possible, with nothing in the way.

– Your technician will go over your eyelash goals once again and outline what they are going to do.

– Your lashes will be thoroughly cleaned to make sure there is no residual makeup or anything else leftover that could alter the results of the lash lift.

– You will close your eyes, and a silicone shield will be applied to your upper lid. This will both protect your eye and give your lashes something to adhere to.

– An adhesive is put on the silicone, and your eyelashes will be gently lifted and combed onto it.

– An eye-safe curling solution is applied to your lashes, where they are now pointed upwards into the desired curl pattern.

– Several minutes later, a calming setting solution is applied to the lashes, which will seal in your fresh curl and keep it going strong for the longest amount of time possible.

– A moisturizing lotion may be added to help restore your lashes’ natural shine.

Many people actually find the luxurious process of getting a lash lift to be a very tranquil one, so much so that it is not uncommon for people to fall asleep, and it makes sense. You get to close your eyes and allow a qualified specialist to take your natural beauty to the next level. Not only does a lash lift make you feel like the royalty you are, but from the second the treatment is over, you also get to look like it.

Is A Lash Lift Right For You?

As mentioned, there are a lot of different solutions for bringing your eyelashes to their full, extraordinary destiny. If you want a very temporary, natural-looking solution, perhaps using an eyelash curler or mascara is perfect for your needs. For something still temporary but a bit more glamorous, consider false eyelashes. From there, we enter the world of more long-term lash enhancement solutions.

Two of the most popular longer-term eyelash solutions are eyelash extensions and lash lifts. While extensions add new, realistic hairs to your lash line to give a fuller appearance, lash lifts utilize your natural lashes to intensify their curl. If you have lashes that tend to stick out but not up and are done with constant eyelash upkeep, a lash lift might be an excellent option. 

Another benefit of lash lifts is that they are often more affordable than eyelash extensions. Where a lash lift will cost anywhere from about $75-$100, eyelash extensions can cost up to $300. They also last for a comparable amount of time. Since both treatments last depending on your specific eyelash growth cycle, they will each last for about six weeks. It’s not really a case of which one is better or worse—it’s about what kind of look you’re going for. 

How Do I Make the Most Out of My Treatment?

In order to keep your lash lift looking pristine and perfect for as long as possible, it is important to follow a few steps for lash aftercare. That said, these steps are more minimal than those involved in an eyelash extension, making many people see lash lifts as an easier and lower maintenance alternative to extensions. The truth is, each treatment has its own individual advantages. It just comes down to doing research and deciding which one is best for you.

The 24 hours immediately after the lash lift are crucial for determining how well the process will take. Be sure not to wear any eye makeup, and avoid getting your eyelashes wet or sweaty. Staying away from oil-based products is also important, as they can break down your lashes’ newly formed curl patterns. Your lashes need time to set, and interrupting this process could result in less than the desired results or a shorter period of time until your lashes go back to their regular curl pattern.

How Long Does A Lash Lift Generally Last?

When well taken care of, people tend to see their lash lift last for about six weeks. This also depends on your eyelashes’ natural growth pattern, how well your lashes tend to hold a curl, and more factors. Much of your lash lift’s longevity is decided by sticking to a few very easy-to-follow eyelash rules, mostly immediately following the treatment.

After this roughly six-week period of especially luscious, renewed, and enchanting lashes, you should be able to return to your lash artist for another treatment, with no potential of damaging your lashes. Make sure to talk to your specialist throughout the process to determine the best routine to keep your eyelashes looking lovely and striking.

Lifting You and Your Lashes

Lash lifts are a wonderful way to instantly make your eyes look more awake and mesmerizing. In under an hour, your lashes are transformed from their natural curl pattern to one that is specifically designed to be the most flattering for your already beautiful face. The treatment itself is serene and relaxing, and you will see the results immediately after the treatment is over.

After your treatment, be careful not to interrupt the complex and sacred setting process currently happening to your lashes. You can ensure the best possible results by not getting your lashes wet and avoiding both eye makeup and oil-based cleansers. If you adhere to these lash practices, and you and your technician found a happy balance between your lash goals and what is attainable, your lash lift should last in the vicinity of six weeks. 

Long, curled lashes have the potential to quickly change someone from looking tired to looking wide-awake and strikingly beautiful. There is a reason mascara is such an integral part of many makeup routines, and it is because full eyelashes can transform a face. Because of this, lash lifts are one of the most efficient and overall best ways to unlock your natural, inner beauty. After all, you are already stunning, but we could all use the occasional lift.