Where To Get Microblading? The Cost, Time, and Outcome

Few features can totally define a face like precisely plucked (or luxuriously full) eyebrows. To aid in this definition, many people turn to the fine art of filling in their eyebrows with brow pencil, gel, pomade, shadow, and the like to get the perfect arch that they’re dreaming of. 

While those techniques have their merits, filling in eyebrows manually can get time-consuming, and on some days, brows may look a little less like sisters and more like third cousins twice removed. Plus, trying to act like a makeup artist every day can get exhausting, especially if you have a busy lifestyle—I know that I can get a little tired of all the upkeep. If you want more long-term results, microblading might be perfect for you!

So what exactly is microblading? Essentially, it is a cosmetic procedure where you decide upon your dream eyebrow look, and then a microblade tool is used to make it happen. This small blade pen is used to meticulously and semi-permanently craft realistic-looking hair strokes into your existing eyebrows with ink, enhancing your natural beauty.

It is worth noting that microblading is not technically permanent makeup tattooing for several reasons. For one, the actual procedure does not deposit as much pigment as deeply as a permanent tattoo would. And for another thing, the results of microblading do fade over periods of time, depending on your skin type. However, they work on all skin shades, and you can match any hair color, so it truly is a universal procedure that mimics the look of natural hair.

Microblading can be a very rewarding indulgence, but it’s crucial to do your research. Similarly, it is important to understand all of the different steps that go into the procedure in order to make sure that this really is the best option for you. Once you have all the facts, you can find the absolute best method to take both you and your brows to your fabulous, beautiful destiny. 

Find A Microblading Specialist That You Trust

You and the professional performing your microblading will work together to find the perfect eyebrow shape for you. Keep in mind that not only are everyone’s natural eyebrows different, but certain people may have specific goals to up their brow game as opposed to others. For example, some may prefer a thinner, more arched brow, whereas others may absolutely love the look of something less rigid and thicker.

You, of course, have a great deal of say on what you want the final product to look like (they are your brows, after all), but your brow technician will use your face shape and facial features to determine what could look best on you. From there, you will discuss and potentially tweak the proposed brows until you find exactly what you are looking for, and your wildest brow dreams can finally become a reality.

Some practitioners who perform microblading are licensed estheticians with certifications, while others are those with other cosmetic tattooing backgrounds. Do your research on different studios and estheticians to find someone who is responsive to their clients and works hard to achieve your desired result. If they have a before and after gallery available, take a look at their work, and decide if it aligns with the results you are looking for.

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

So microblading sounds like a delightful way to amplify your natural beauty, but just how much does a microblading procedure actually cost? The truth is that the total amount seriously depends and can vary fairly significantly from place to place. Some factors that play into the total cost are your location, the salon you go to, and your specialist’s level of experience with microblading. The price may be affected by where you live—somewhere like LA or New York City is more likely to attract high-level professionals, so you may have to pay a bit more. 

That said, typical microblading services range from approximately $400 to $1,000. Of course, there will be outliers on both the particularly cheap and expensive sides, but it is up to you to decide your preferred price point. 

A more expensive microblading procedure is likely priced as such due to the prestige of the salon or that specific practitioner’s experience. The most expensive option is not always the best, so be sure to thoroughly do your research and find the right salon for you.

You can also look into a cheaper microblading experience (say, around $100-$300), but you run the risk of getting results that are less than or significantly different from what you had hoped. Again, thorough research is the best way to ensure the eyebrow results you have always wanted. In addition, doing this research will likely make you feel more prepared when going into the procedure itself.

What Can I Expect During Microblading?

First, many salons ask that you abstain from alcohol or coffee beforehand in order to make the treatment as smooth as possible. A microblading appointment will typically begin with a comprehensive discussion between you and your brow specialist of your specific goals and what look you would like to achieve through the procedure. Once you both have a good understanding of what is possible, a kind of blueprint will be drawn on your face using your natural features as guides. Your eye placement, nose width, and other factors will all be considered in the final product.

After you agree upon the brow shape of your dreams, a numbing agent or cream is often applied to the skin of the brow area. The numbing cream takes about half an hour to fully work, and then the procedure officially begins. Typically, the experience of having your eyebrows microbladed only causes mild pressure. The process feels significantly less intense than getting a traditional tattoo due to microblading being localized to more superficial layers of the skin, and the use of less pigment. In fact, most people who receive brow microblading say it doesn’t hurt all that much, and I agree. 

Of course, do not be afraid to talk to your esthetician before having your procedure performed if you are concerned about how it might feel. You can discuss your options, and they can help you feel more prepared and ready. In fact, a consultation will be part of the process already, so feel free to ask any and all questions then. Make sure to keep in mind your typical pain tolerance. This can also be very helpful, as it will certainly affect your experience overall. 

If you are someone who can stub your toe and continue on like it’s nothing, you may have a higher pain tolerance. If that same toe stub would knock you out for several minutes, you may have a slightly lower pain tolerance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being on either side of this spectrum; it is just helpful to know how you handle discomfort when going into a microblading session.

The actual microblading itself typically takes one to two hours, depending on how much you are having done and your specialist’s technique.

Microblading Aftercare

Caring for your skin after microblading is an integral part of the process, and does have the potential to alter your new brows. Listen to your specialist and their recommendations for the best post-microblading practices, but there are a few universal accepted truths to aftercare:

-Do not pick at any scabs that form

-Expect some tenderness and redness

-Your brows will darken, lighten, then settle

-Itching means your skin is healing; try not to scratch

-Avoid going to the gym or doing any other intense physical activity that might cause you to sweat

-It takes roughly 25 to 30 days for your skin to completely heal

Your practitioner may give you specific instructions for appropriate aftercare, such as applying a moisturizer, antibiotic ointment, or just trying not to pick at it. Their advice will depend on the salon and the individual. This is another instance where picking the right salon is crucial, because the microblading process does not necessarily end as soon as the procedure does.

It Can Take a Little While to See the Final Results

Immediately after having your brows microbladed, they will appear significantly darker than they will in the end result. This stage just takes a bit of patience, as well as trust in the specialist performing the microblading, and your communication together.

It is also possible that you will need to go in shortly after your first appointment for your first touch-up. This is in no way cause for alarm and can be a completely normal part of the process. While the immediate effect of microblading is pretty dark brows, after the first week or so of healing and flaking, your brows may actually be a bit lighter than you want them to be. 

If this is the case, do not hesitate to reach out to your provider and schedule a touch-up appointment or discuss your options so that you keep this semi-permanent makeup treatment looking the way you’d like.

How Long Do Microblading Results Last?

One of the best parts about microblading is that, while it is a much more long-term option than consistently filling in your brows, the results are actually semi-permanent. This means that initial results typically dissipate in 18 months. This amount of time can vary from person to person, though, so it is important to talk to your specialist, as the procedure can last anywhere from one to three years.

As a result of this semi-permanence, microblading does require occasional touch-ups. The frequency at which you will need touch-ups is totally dependent on you and your preferred brow style. If you like them more finished, you may need to get microblading more often. If you don’t mind some fading, you may be able to get more time out of a microblading session.

During the period of time that the treatment lasts, you may still want to tweeze or wax stray hairs, which is totally fine as well.

Drawing Conclusions

Microblading is an excellent alternative for those looking for a more permanent solution than filling in their brows with an eyebrow pencil, but less permanent than a full tattoo. Luckily, there are an abundance of qualified and talented specialists and estheticians who will help you to make your brow dreams come true.

Be sure to do your research about the different steps of the microblading process, from finding the right salon, to what you can expect during the actual procedure and what aftercare looks like for you. BlinkBar knows that beauty is a sacred feeling, and eyebrow microblading can be a great way to help you feel as beautiful as you are, inside and out.