What’s Your Eye Shape? Here Are 5 Tips To Get the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Makeup is one of the best and most beautiful forms of self-expression we have, but some elements of it can be more difficult to master than others. For many, one of these difficult to master skills is the art of winged eyeliner. This look is both gorgeous and alluring, as it mimics your eyelash shape and forms a continuation of your lower lash line. Since winged eyeliner is meant to be a continuation of your natural shape, the perfect winged eyeliner will be somewhat different for everybody.

Determining your dream winged eyeliner look can happen in a variety of ways. Maybe you saw a liner on Instagram that you just cannot seem to take your mind off of. Perhaps you saw someone walking down the street looking beyond stunning with a bright, colored eyeliner, and you want to know if you can pull it off. First of all, you absolutely can pull off whatever look you want to. The most important rule of beauty is that if you feel beautiful, you are beautiful. 

If you would feel beautiful with a flawless wing adorning your already gorgeous features, you may find it the most helpful to consider your eye shape and go from there.

1. Determining Your Eye Shape

There are a variety of different eye shapes, and each has specific makeup looks that are especially striking when worn. If you do not know your eye shape off-hand (it’s okay, I didn’t either until I researched it), go check yourself out in the mirror for a little while. 

First of all, do this because you are gorgeous. Second, really think about your eyes and all of their defining characteristics. Once you have done that and identified your eye type, here are some helpful tips on liner that will enhance your natural beauty.

Downturned Eyes

If you have eyes that tend to angle a bit downward at the edge, try out a wing with an especially sharp, defined edge. This will make your eye look a bit wider, making you appear more alert, and causing your eyes to shine even more than usual. 

If you are interested in brightly colored eyeliner, light shades are irresistible on this eye shape.

Upturned Eyes

The opposite of downturned eyes is, of course, upturned eyes. In the case that you find your eyes are angled upward, a thinner line on the top lid culminating in a thin and precise wing may be best for you. 

For even more added definition, you could also consider slightly filling in your lower lash line to make your eyes pop even more.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes pair beautifully with darker eyeliner used on the outer corner of the eye, especially when extended into a refined wing. This will bring out the natural shape of your eye while also adding extra dimension and calling attention to your stunning eyes.

Monolid Eyes

While other eye shapes on this list may benefit more from a thin line, a monolid eye type is the time to break out a thicker liner and wing combination. This allows for a great deal of freedom with both the angle and color of your eyeliner.

Rounded Eyes

Those with rounded eyes will often want to create a line that adheres quite close to their upper lash line, which will go a long way to accentuate your gorgeous lashes. A thinner line could suit you better, but go with whatever look feels right for you.

Almond Eyes

In the case that you have almond-shaped eyes, then your eyes can be given an added sparkle when different colors are added into the mix. For instance, darker eyeliner on the top in a fabulous wing shape pairs wonderfully with lighter eyeliner on the bottom.

Remember that the looks that correlate with different eye shapes are only suggestions of what might suit you even better than usual, but they are by absolutely no means the only things you can try. Makeup is about experimenting and finding what is right for you, and we will delve into that even deeper later in the article. If you are not interested in certain makeup that works for your eye shape, that is perfectly fine! Try new things, and you are sure to find a new go-to look you will love.

Really, these are just guides to help inspire you and get you started. Listen to them as much or as little as you want. At the end of the day, only you know what look is right for you.

2. Find the Right Kind of Eyeliner for You

There are several different types of eyeliner to choose from, each having its own individual advantages and disadvantages. 

For instance, liquid eyeliner provides a great deal of precision that other types may not be able to match, making it a dream for crafting a striking wing. A pencil allows for smudging, so it might be your go-to when doing a smokey eye. Lastly, gel eyeliner lasts for a great deal of time, and the oil-free versions can be great for use with lash extensions.

3. Perfect Your Eyeliner Technique

Now that you have done all of the prep work in finding your eye shape and what kind of wing would look stunning on you and determining what kind of eyeliner is best to achieve the look you want, it’s time to actually start lining your eyes. There are a few different components that go into an excellent eyeliner technique. 

For one, find the environment or circumstances that are the most conducive to drawing your best line. For many, this entails stabilizing your arm on a table, pillow, or another surface in order to make sure you do not experience any unnecessary wobbling that would create an inconsistent line. Similarly, consider doing your eye makeup first so as to avoid arm fatigue that could set in at later stages in your routine. It may also be worthwhile to sit down while doing your makeup, again to prevent fatigue and help with the sharpness of your line.

A tip that completely changed how I did my eyeliner was when I found out that you should draw the wing first, before the rest of your liner. This way, you can draw the rest of your eye to match your wing, rather than the other way around. By doing this, you are ensuring eye makeup that looks consistent, full, and beautiful.

To draw an enchanting wing, use your lower lash line as a guide. See the direction it is going in, and think of your eyeliner as an extension of that natural angle. This will create a stunning and natural-looking extension of your eye, therefore enhancing your beauty to the next level. Not only that but using the lower lash line as a guide will guarantee that both of your eyes are even and look consistent with your eye shape.

4. Clean Up Imperfections With Concealer or Makeup Remover

If you are mere inches away from the perfect wing of your dreams, but maybe a few stray dots of liner are standing in the way, it is time to break out the concealer or makeup remover. This is actually why I am always careful to do my eye makeup first. By doing it this way, you can easily remove any fallout or unintended smudges without possibly ruining or changing the rest of your makeup.

5. Try Out New Looks

The last rule of eyeliner is a very important one: there are no rules. Remember that sometimes the best thing you can do is throw out the rulebook and try something totally different. I have found some of my absolute favorite looks this way, and I am thankful that I went out of my comfort zone. If it turns out you are not the biggest fan of your new eyeliner creation, that’s exactly why both concealer and makeup remover exist in the first place. 

The most fun part of makeup is the experimentation and liberation in expressing yourself in all sorts of different ways. Consider trying a new color or shade of eyeliner, or perhaps use some glitter. The world of eyeliner art is expanding rapidly, so there is absolutely no limit to the different kinds of looks you can make. This experimentation can go beyond just eyeliner, too. Maybe try a bold shade of liquid lipstick, or look into a luxurious lash lift.

You can also combine your more tried-and-true looks with something different for you. For example, if you love to stick with a gorgeous cat-eye with a striking black liner, a colorful line on top can help your cat-eye to stand out while you express a fun, new part of your personality.

A Fine Line

Winged eyeliner is one of the holy grails of makeup. The perfect wing is a look as coveted as it is misunderstood, but in reality, all it takes to get it right is a bit of practice. At BlinkBar, all makeup and treatments are just extensions of your natural beauty, and that’s exactly what winged eyeliner is. 

By considering your eye shape and using your lower lash line as a guide, you are sure to have the winged eyeliner of your dreams in no time.